Z.One Concept Milk_Shake Natural Yogurt Mask 18 oz. (500 g)

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Z.One Concept Milk_Shake Natural Yogurt Mask with the revitalizing and conditioning power of yogurt is completed by the specific restructuring base performing in deep and long lasting result. The treatment-mask Natural Yogurt Mask is specific for natural or colored hair. It acts on inner and outer hair structure conferring reconstruction to cortex and a vital aspect to hair. Thanks to the acidity of micro organisms this has a strong conditioning action on the hair cuticle. The amino acid of yogurt bond to hair structure adding strength and body. The avocado and rice oils, honey and fruit extracts, hydrating agents and Vitamin E act both inside and outside, leaving hair revitalized, hydrated and shiny. The Integrity 41 guarantees a great color seal.

Directions: Pour into a bowl 40 ml of restructuring base and add 15 g of yogurt powder. Mix well and apply on clean damp hair. Leave on 5 to 10 minutes or 5 minutes under a heat source. Comb and rinse.

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