Macadamia Style Extend Dry Shampoo 5 fl. oz. (142 g)

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Macadamia Style Extend Dry Shampoo Extend the life of your hairstyle with a translucent dry shampoo designed to absorb oil and product build-up. Hair is left feeling clean, revived and full of body..


  • Absorbs excess oil, product build-up and odor
  • Instantly refreshes hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and fresh
  • Blends with all hair colors, leaving no powdery residue
  • Finish - natural

Directions: Shake can very well. Spray 8-10 inches from hair, targeting the scalp. Wait a minute, then brush or work lightly into hair. Style as desired.

Ingredients: Macadamia Oil — Omega 7, 5 and 3 fatty acids provide weightless moisture. Argan Oil — Omega 9 fatty acid repairs and strengthens. Rice and Potato Starches — absorb excess oils and purify hair. Volcanic Ash — absorbs and traps oils, debris and odors. Passion Flower Extract — provides antioxidant protection, and protects moisture balance. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract — hydrates, smoothes and nourishes hair

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