Joico Vero K-PAK Permanent Creme Color 2.5 fl. oz. (74 ml)

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Joico Vero K-PAK Permanent Creme Color delivers stunning vibrancy, excellent condition, predictability and long-lasting color results every single time. Repair and protect hair as you color with Joico Vero K-PAK Permanent Creme Color, the only permanent hair color featuring award-winning K-PAK Reconstructor.

K-PAK Technology - What it is: Quadramine Complex is a dual-charged (positive and negative), hybrid protein complex comprised of all 19 amino acids in the proper sequence and exact molecular weights (150-2500) necessary to ensure maximum reconstruction from the cortex to the cuticle. What it does: The presence of stabilized Quadramine Complex in Vero K-PAK Color formulas serves a dual purpose. First, it reconstructs the hair both internally and externally, resulting in stronger and healthier feeling hair following the color process. Secondly, the natural compatibility between Quadramine Complex and the hair's structure helps dye molecules penetrate faster and deeper, resulting in exceptional color quality and longer-lasting results.

Water-Soluble Creme Base - What it is: Vero K-PAK Color contains a water-soluble base with a true creme texture that makes it easy to mix, allows Quadramine Complex and dye molecules to penetrate more efficiently, and requires not shampoo to remove color. What it does: Because there is no need to shampoo, freshly deposited dye molecules are given time to stabilize in the hair, resulting in less color loss.

True Tone Series - What it is: The Vero K-PAK Color System is organized into series of intermixable true-tone shades with identical bases, providing you with the complete artistic freedom and the ability to create an infinite number of customized shades. What it does: Intermixable true tone colors help create one-of-a-kind hair color.

Trans-Cuticle Delivery System (TCD) - What it is: This exclusive delivery system occurs due to a unique reaction between Quadramine Complex and Lecithin, a naturally derived emollient found in Vero K-PAK Color. Lecithin reduces the surface tension of the hair, allowing Quadramine Complex and color molecules to enter the hair -around the open cuticle and also through the cuticle. This action provides enhanced color penetration with minimal cuticle swelling. What it does: The Trans-Cuticle Delivery System allows for rapid, deeper penetration of the dye molecules, resulting in superior color longevity. It also enhances the reconstructive benefits of Quadramine Complex, allowing for quicker penetration of the amino acids.

Calibrated Ammonia System - What it is: Vero K-PAK Color is structured with a calibrated ammonia system. This system permits each level of hair color to contain only the precise percentage of ammonia necessary. What it does: Low ammonia contributes to minimal cuticle damage, less scalp irritation, reduced odor and healthy, vibrant color results.

Dual-Color System - Complementary permanent and demi-permanent shades allow you to touch up new growth with permanent color while using a gentle, acidic demi-permanent color to refresh the mid-shaft and ends.

How to mix Standard Shades:

Vero K-PAK Color can be mixed using a bowl and brush and/or applicator bottle. Mix equal parts Vero K-PAK Color and Veroxide. 1:1. Process for 25 to 55 minutes.

How to mix Fashion Series:

Mix equal parts Vero K-PAK Color Fashion Series and Veroxide. 1:1. If the characteristics of the hair are questionable, add another red that does not contain direct dyes to the formula. When hair that is 25% or more gray, always mix with Natural, Gold, Beige or Age Defy Series shades. Remember, Fashion Series shades are designed to create fashion tones. For best gray coverage and natural-looking reds, use the Vero K-PAK Color Red Series.

How to mix High Lift Series:

Mix 1 part Vero K-PAK Color High Lift shade to 2 parts 40 Volume (12%) Veroxide. Process for 45 to 60 minutes.

How to mix Ultra High-Lift Series:

Mix 1 part Vero K-PAK Color Ultra High-Lift shade to 2 parts 40 Volume (12%) Veroxide. 1:2. Process for 55 to 65 minutes.

Post-Color Service

Since Vero K-PAK Color is water-soluble, there is no need to shampoo. Simply rinse hair until water runs clear, then apply K-PAK Cuticle Sealer for 5 minutes. Rinse hair again, then apply K-PAK Intense Hydrator for 5 minutes. do a final rinse, then blot hair dry.

How to mix Lightening Booster:

First, formulate your color. Add Vero K-PAK Color Lightening Booster to Vero K-PAK Color and mix thoroughly. Add Veroxide and mix thoroughly. Mix two parts Veroxide to 1 part Vero K-PAK Color Lightening Booster. Vero K-PAK Lightening Booster should NEVER exceed 25% of the color formula.

How to mix Intensifiers/Correctors:

Mix desired amount of Vero K-PAK Color Intensifier into total color formula until it is thoroughly mixed. NOTE: The amount of Intensifier should not exceed 25% of the total color formula. It is not necessary to add additional developer to the color formula if just using ribbons of Intensifier shade.

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