Healium Oxi Stop Post Service Locking Treatment 33.0 fl.oz. (1 l)

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Healium Oxi Stop Post Service Locking Treatment. When the chemical service which includes peroxide and developer is completed, small peroxide remnants from the formula tend to remain inside the cuticle regardless of repeated shampooing and rinsing.  When first time styling heat is applied to hair, moisture levels slowly dissipate, these peroxide remnants tend to reactivate, increasing dramatically in volume, and may cause unwanted hue lift, significant dryness and cuticle damage.

As a final phase to post chemical service, Oxi Stop professional only formula left in clean damp hair for 3 to 5 minutes will lightly moisturize and help prevent post service cuticle damage by locating and neutralizing peroxide developer remnants. In addition, a low pH of 3 normalizes the cuticle to help ensure service lock.

Oxi Stop is specially formulated with natural soothing and healing ingredients to help sooth scalp after chemical services.

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