Healium Medium Action Shampoo

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Healium Medium Action Shampoo is specially formulated to replenish nutrients, moisture and strength lost during chemical services. Medium Action Shampoo is intended for salon clients who have received chemical services which included developer volumes from 20 to 30. This shampoo will not add weight or leave residue. Healium™'s sulfate free shampoos take a different approach and philosophy towards post chemical hair care treatment. By fact, the peroxide developer in chemical service formulas causes the most cuticle damage during the service process. To counteract this, Heal5ium™ has formulated 3 different sulfate free shampoos which are custom blended in 3 different measured levels of moisture, strength and nutrition. These 3 shampoos are specifically designed to replenish incremental nutrition lost during chemical processes based on which peroxide developer volume was used in the service formula.

Extremely concentrated and super lightweight, these outstanding shampoos contain sunscreen factors and have a pH range of 5.0 to 5.5. They are formulated to cleanse and treat hair without adding weight or product residue build-up. Fortified with natural soothing and healing ingredients, we consider them the absolutely best shampoos you will ever use.

Healium™ shampoos are formulated with the finest natural ingredients and when used on a regular basis help promote long term healthy hair and scalp.

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