Avlon KeraCare DeMineralizing Treatment 60 Towelettes

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Avlon KeraCare DeMineralizing Treatment is uniquely designed to effectively remove calcium, magnesium and a host of other minerals from hair. Build-up occurs on all hair exposed to normal tap water and is more pronounced on chemically treated or damaged hair. Only special chelating agents like those found in this unique, patent-pending botanical formula can virtually eliminate mineral deposits that dull the hair and restrict its flexibility. From the very first application, hair becomes noticeably livelier and more manageable. Natural luster and movement are immediately restored. Hair is significantly more responsive to chemical treatments such as relaxers, coloring and permanent waves, yielding enhanced results.

Directions: Shampoo, and after final rinse, towel-blot and comb through hair. Placing 1-inch sections of hair within towelette, gently wipe from near the scalp through to the ends. Proceed section-by-section, re-positioning the towelette to its unused portions as you go. For best results, the towelette should remain fairly wet; use a second wipe if needed. Condition hair and style as usual. Before Permanent Coloring or Before Permanent Waving, use towelette as directed above. Apply chemical treatment according to manufacturer's instructions. Following Relaxer Services, apply towelettes as directed, after entire system is complete and before drying hair. Note: For semi-permanent hair coloring, this product may remove some of the color. Use only immediately before a fresh application to preserve color and for enhanced color uptake.

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